Reputation Management Malaysia

On-Line Reputation Management Services are growing in demand as business owners and their clients now are far more aware of review sites for all types of business ranging from Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts to all manner of services such as Opticians, Plumbers, Dentists, Car Rental Companies, larger corporations also are affected as people are more likely to complain about poor service than they are to write about a good experience.

According to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph –

Bad reviews & online ‘trolls' cost UK businesses up to £30,000 a year.”

Online trolls and malicious posters have the power to ‘destroy a business', as the costs to challenge unfair online reviews continues to rise. More than half of British companies have been the victims of malicious reviews or criticism, a study has suggested.

The problem has cost one in five organisations as much as £30,000 to put right in a recent survey.

In a poll of 1,000 decision makers, 51pc said they had experienced unfair reviews or been targeted by “trolls” – someone who posts inflammatory remarks online.

They range from posts on review sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor to unfounded attacks on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


The most well known of the Review Sites are ;

Yelp           Urban Spoon              Trip Advisor           Google my Business          Manta            Foursquare           Facebook           Which


      • Around 68% of consumers trust opinions posted online

      • As many as 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

      • Customers are more often likely to share negative reviews than positive ones.

Reputation Management Malaysia

Reputation Management Methods

There are a variety of ways to deal with bad reviews and it depends on the source of the reviews as to the best method of handling the situation. There is a huge difference between a bad review on a personal blog and a review on an international platform. If it is the former then you are probably in luck and a simple “cease and desist” letter should work. If it is the latter we have to look at all the available reputation management options.


This means that the complaints will no longer show up on the search engines. Not on page one, not on page fifty. Even if you were to copy and paste the link of the complaint into a search engine, it would still not show up anywhere. It is completely removed and no one could ever find it unless they went to the website directly to search for it (which is very unlikely). However this is not generally possible without legal proceedings which apart from being expensive is time consuming, It really depends on the size of the organisation hosting the website, if it can be proven that the information is incorrect and there is a strong case for defamation or loss of income / sales then it may be that the site owner will take notice without the need for legal intervention.

Unfortunately this scenario rarely happens and there would be no need for Lawyers. In some cases we have seen clients remove their own Google my Places, Facebook and Foursquare pages as they have been the victim of malicious reviews from disgruntled ex-employees or even competitors. Although in an ideal world, reputation management would not be necessary and up until around 2009 it wasn't a particularly important concern for businesses.


Although not ideal, the fastest and most commonly used method to alleviate the problem of bad reviews is through “pushing down” the reviews onto page 2 and beyond. This is effective as it's a fact that when people are searching for information 85% of people do not look beyond page one and they will use another search term rather than click through to pages 2 and beyond.

While we always suggest deletion or de-indexing when possible, Suppression Services can be very effective in helping you to repair your reputation when faced with a link that cannot be removed.

Our Reputation Management Strategy

We can employ SEO techniques to boost positive and other related content high in the rankings for your company’s top keywords, thereby pushing the unwanted negative links down and burying them past the first page. We can also help you bury the complaints in the search results, pushing it off the first page of Google searches. If we boost current positive content and create new content to help in hiding poor reviews deeper in the research results.

Out of sight is, luckily, out of mind. When it comes to Google searches, 85% of people generally look no further than the first page. By removing the page from the immediate search results, or pushing it down, we can greatly reduce its impact on your business. This is the most cost effective Reputation Management method.