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Mobile Marketing – When was the last time you checked your own website on a Mobile Phone, Blackberry, Iphone or Ipad?

Smart-phones are set to overtake desktops and laptops for accessing the internet. There are now 1.1 Billion smartphones i.e. Iphones, Blackberry's and Androids in use today

That's 25% of the entire mobile phone market and the figure is rising FAST

All these are being used to access the internet and the number is growing at an alarming rate. Yet only 3% of businesses have sites that load efficiently and can be viewed properly on a smartphone. The 3% of businesses that have embraced the fact that this is the future are not only large organisations such as Facebook, Google, Starbucks, Air Asia but many are SME's who all have the vision that relying on non-mobile optimized web-sites is outdated and expensive in terms of loss of revenue.

Having only a fraction of your audience able to see your site correctly is like paying for an advert whether it's a Newspaper Ad, Radio Ad with only part of the content published. You wouldn't accept that  – so why accept anything less than a mobile optimised version of your regular web-site. It's simple, cost effective and guaranteed to ensure you get more business. Our Mobile Marketing service is guaranteed to get results – FAST


Mobile Marketing in Malaysia

Surprisingly Mobile Marketing which is a broad term for any type of promotion of a business harnessing the technology of the Internet, SMS, QR Codes, etc, does not appear to be fully exploited in Malaysia.

Despite the huge growth in smart phone sales in Malaysia, Mobile Marketing does not appear to have caught the imagination of many businesses, not only SME's but some of the larger corporations also. I recently surveyed a number of National businesses which really ought to at least have a Mobile friendly website and it was surprising how many did not. For example take a look at the Bank websites in Malaysia, at the time of our survey there were only a small number who served a Mobile optimised version of their regular site. Clearly there are a number of companies that realise the importance and huge opportunities in having a Mobile Marketing policy in Malaysia, simply check out or from your handphone and you will see for yourself.

When you next take a coffee or lunch break, observe the people around you, they are not reading newspapers, generally they are surfing the internet – on their Smartphones. Don't take our work for it  – just look for yourself and there is a huge void in the use of Mobile Marketing in Malaysia.

Advertising on Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazines are still popular and whilst in many other parts of the world, the numbers are decreasing for the traditional methods of advertising in favour of on-line generally it appears that here in Malaysia that Mobile Marketing still has a long way to catch up with western trends, despite having the same percentage of  Smartphones being sold every day.

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