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History of Penang

Penang was previously part of the sultanate of Kedah until it became a British possession in 1786. It later became part of the Federation of Malaya in

branding-penangBranding Penang
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Hammad Kazi | Munib Farid | Amir Touseef | Eduardo Oliveira Graduate School of Business | University Sains Malaysia Abstract Territories, such as countries, regions and cities, compete with other geographical areas in order to attract investments, markets, businesses, residents, tourists, talents and entrepreneurs, as well as the hosting of cultural and sporting events. This process is intensified with the growth of internationalization and globalization. These territories need to identify the opportunities and strengths to achieve competitive advantages for efficient access to markets, resources and people. A clear definition of place branding, developed in a consistent, cooperative way with stakeholders and as a product of a cooperative network between local, regional and national stakeholders, can promote the production base, increasing the touristic and human resource flows. Investors, citizens of different nationalities, students and researchers take part of this flow. Place branding is a new trend in marketing and territorial or destination marketing research. Place branding is a powerful tool available to academics and professionals who dedicate their research to promoting geographical units in place management. Place branding is an important concept in today’s competitive world when nations are competing for tourists, consumers, donors, immigrants, the media and governments of other countries. The main goal of this paper is to understand how the Malaysia State of Penang should coordinate the marketing plans and manage the own brand to generate competitiveness within an increasingly international competition. Key-words: Marketing; Destination Marketing; Branding; Place branding; Tourism; Penang.

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