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People are getting sued for doing this one thing online | One Page …
Aug 19, 2014 Another gentleman – with near-terminal cancer just to make things worse – posted
some negative reviews of his Internet provider and it decided …

LinkWiper Removes Negative Online ReviewsLinkWiper Removes Negative Online Reviews
This is a how-to video of – an automated search engine reputation management service. LinkWiper helps to remove negative reviews in the …


How To Handle Negative Reviews On Social Media
from simplify360, ago in Social Media
Social Media has given your customers a platform to speak and simultaneously it has created a urge to be heard. Customers now want brands to hear them and respond to their queries in a timely manner. This deck talks about Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to serving your customers through social media and it also contains some excellent and worst real life cases of customer service. We hope that by the time you finish reading this deck you’d have learnt the basics of customer service. All the best!!

Does corporate social responsibility reduce negative reviews for bad service?
Phys.Org, on Wed, 21 Jan 2015 08:07:13 -0800
When a company’s service falls short of expectations, consumers can react harshly, spreading negative comments or changing companies. But a new study in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing shows that consumers practice surprising forgiveness …

Stop Being Afraid Of Negative Reviews | TechCrunch
Understandably, most B2B companies fear rather than embrace negative reviews and press. From inside their companies and from investors, there is immense pressure to keep the public image strictly positive. Though …

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