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Malaysian Army
Malaysian Army (Malay: Tentera Darat Malaysia) is the land component of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Steeped in British Army traditions, the Malaysian

focus-on-the-main-concerns-of-young-mothersInfant formula : Focus on the main concerns of young mothers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
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To succeed, marketers need to KNOW their customers. > 5 hours are spent on the internet every day in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines and over 50% of the APAC population uses social media regularly. This is where they express emotions, aspirations and concerns about brands. We capitalise on the rich insights obtained from social media big data to help marketers make data-driven decisions. Their comments, pictures, ratings and posts help to understand brand perceptions in a powerful way. Data is publicly available, and with the help of a social media listening tool and some analysis, it’s possible to assess a brand’s reputation in a few days or hours. In this case study, we wanted to analyze the infant formula industry in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and get insights about the customers usage, concerns and aspirations. This is an industry where trust and perception of product quality is crucial but can be affected in many ways: rumors and scandals, marketing tricks on packaging, recommendations by doctors, etc. The health authorities recommend breastmilk instead of baby formula, so when and why are moms going against that recommandation? To all these questions we can find an answer by diving into the conversation happening daily in forums, blogs, comments, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, media and more. The result is this case study we ran from March 18th to May 19th, 2015, simulataneously in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, with country analysts in each of these markets. We’ll do more of these case studies to analyze different industries in Singapore and South-East Asia as we go. For feedback and inquiries, please contact us at or visit us at

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