Local Mobile Marketing

Local mobile marketing is the perfect way for your local business to get more customers and stay connected with current customers and clients. Through mobile apps, mobile optimized websites, text message marketing and more. Mobile search is exploding and only getting bigger. Its been proven that those that use mobile search are proven buyers, and they are also looking for local businesses to serve their needs.

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9 Responses to “Local Mobile Marketing”

  1. GetSumNut201 says:

    Apps are one of the fastes growing segments, but until now it’s been to costly for local businesses to have one built, look forward to more postings from you…cheers!

  2. Kita Jone says:

    hey ron, good job on the video, liked it alot

  3. HE1SHE11 says:

    you bring up some good points, and have a well done presentation

  4. Lewis Taylor says:

    g’day mate…liked the video, thanks

  5. Eric Sherrod says:

    just started promoting mobile to offline businesses, so you had some great stats

  6. Beverly Butcher says:

    Thanks for the info, good stats and some good info there

  7. Glenn McBride says:

    Mobile marketing is not the future, it’s here now. Those that choose to embrace it will be the leaders in their industry for sure!!

  8. Keels Elizabeth says:

    Another great video…thanks

  9. Vicki Lamy says:

    Great video and great insight into the mobile marketing arena

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